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Developing a MIM part is a multi-step product development process. It starts with your submission of a CAD file and specification. This information is used to evaluate the potential for MIM manufacture and the costs of prototype tooling, production tooling and the part itself.

Design Guidelines — Optimizing your part for MIM

Dimensional Tolerances — Standard tolerances for MIM

Secondary Operations — An overview of secondary operations such as post-MIM machining, heat treating, tumbling and plating

MIM Materials - Typical data for standard MIMforms alloys
Kovar®   Iron-Nickel
W-10%Cu   Tungsten-Copper
W-20%Cu   Tungsten-Copper
316L   Stainless Steel
17-4PH   Stainless Steel
Fe-2%Ni   Nickel Steel
Fe-8%Ni   Nickel Steel
Fe-50%Ni   Iron-Nickel
Cu   Copper