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Getting a quote is one of the best ways to understand what MIM can do for you. The accuracy of our evaluation and quotation is based on your information. Here is what we need to get started.

Choose from our standard MIM materials or specify a commercial alloy you want to match.

CAD Drawings
These files are critical to understanding your requirements. Ideally we prefer both a 2D file with tolerance information and a 3D file to better visualize the part. If an existing part is being evaluated for MIM, actual samples are also extremely useful.

Unit Volume
We need an estimate of both minimum and maximum annual usage to give you a complete picture of part and tooling costs across your volume range.

Surface Finish, Plating and Laser Marking
Please include any specific plating or surface finish requirements in addition to laser marking needs.

Design Status
We like to know if the part is a new design or an existing design being evaluated for MIM. With new designs we can make suggestions to optimize for metal injection molding.

Other Requirements
Please include any unique or special requirements for the part. These can include areas of critical tolerance, hardness, tensile strength, alloy purity, conductivity or density.

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