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17-4PH stainless steel is widely used in applications requiring high strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. The 17-4 PH alloy finds a home in medical, food and chemical industries for applications such as pump components, fasteners and other wear resistant hardware.

Physical Properties
Density > 7.6 g/cm³
Mechanical Properties as sintered heat-treated
Ultimate Tensile Strength 950 MPa 1100 MPa
Yield Strength 660 MPa 950 MPa
Elongation 3% 5%
Hardness 320 HV10 370 HV 10
  (32 HRC) (38 HRC)
Fe Balance
Cr 15-17.5%
Ni 3-5%
Cu 3-5%
Si 1%
Mn 1%
Nb 0.15-0.45%
C 0.07%

Data provided is typical. Actual parts should be tested for application specific performance.

Developing Your Part