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In-House Tooling

By creating our injection molds in-house, MIMforms is able to reduce lead-times, tooling costs and product development cycles.

Vertical Integration
An integrated approach to manufacturing offers benefits.
Faster Lead-times – Production tools in 6 weeks, soft tools in 4
Reduced Tooling Cost – Translates to lower total part cost
Improved Product Development – Tooling can be adjusted quickly without external delays
Higher Precision – Maintained from mold to part
Integrated Quality Control – ISO 9002

Mold Design
MIM tooling is designed in-house to reduce lead-times and control development costs.

Advanced Machining Capabilities
MIMforms utilizes the highest performance CNC machines available to create custom tools for MIM. Our ongoing investments ensure state-of-the-art precision and speed.

New Machines
AGIE® Innovation – Die EDM
Deckel Maho® DML 40SI – Laser Machining
röders® TEC RFM 600 – High Speed Milling
Deckel Maho DMC 70V – High Speed Cutting


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