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Compounding is a crucial part of the MIM process. Metal powder is combined with a thermoplastic binder system and then pelletized into feedstock prior to molding. The goal of compounding is to create a completely homogeneous mixture. This enables defect-free molding, debinding and sintering; all of which are required for maximum tolerance, high performance parts.

Feedstock Flexibility
We utilize proprietary binder systems and specialized metal powders in addition to pre-compounded commercial feedstock. In-house compounding offers the opportunity to use multiple metal powders and to create unique alloys. We also utilize
pre-compounded, commercial feedstock for more commonly specified metals.

Benefits of In-House Batch Compounding
Custom alloys and psuedo-alloys possible
Make-to-order compounds
Rapid response to custom requirements

Benefits of Commercial Feedstocks
High predictability
Excellent uniformity
Off-the-shelf availability

Injection Molding

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