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Metal injection molding is virtually identical to plastic injection molding at this stage in the process. The major difference is the higher viscosity of the heated feedstock when compared with thermoplastics and the challenges of maintaining a homogeneous mixture of metal powder and binder during molding. Our many years of injection molding and tooling experience are critical to success at this stage.

Mold Design and Production
All molds are designed and produced in-house, allowing for rapid product development, molding optimization and ongoing tool maintenance. We can respond to your product design changes quickly and efficiently.

Molding Machines
We utilize both horizontal and vertical molding machines specifically optimized for MIM part production. Either set-up may be appropriate depending on part size, alloy, geometry or even fragility.

Robotics and Machine Vision
Depending on part volume and quality requirements a variety of solutions including machine vision inspection and robotic handling can be applied. The core benefits of these options are high consistency and mass production capabilities.


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