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Part Design

Your part design is critical. Working in partnership with your design team, we strive to optimize both performance and economy.

Step [1] CAD Design
The manufacturing process starts with your design and specification. We can work faster and more precisely if this is provided in a 3D CAD format such as Pro/ENGINEER® or SolidWorks®. Alternatively, we can develop a 3D model from your existing 2D drawings or sketches

Step [2] Evaluation
We fully evaluate your design and specification for suitability for metal injection molding based on application requirements. This includes an evaluation of material selection, dimensional tolerances, surface finish, part mass and MIM specific issues such as sintering support requirements.

Step [3] Optimization
We may suggest changes or modifications to the design or material to improve performance and/or economy. This allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of MIM technology and resulting improvements to your product.

Step [4] Final Design and Quote
Once a final design is reached, MIMforms issues a quotation covering tooling, prototyping and production costs.

Step [5] Tooling
Once the cost structure is approved the next step is mold tooling. Click on the Tooling > link in the top navigation bar to learn more.

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