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Quality is a highly subjective term that can mean different things to different people. At MIMforms we understand quality to be the consistent delivery of your parts, as specified, with a level of customer service to match. It’s that simple.

Process Control
At its core, metal injection molding is a process. The best way to effectively control MIM part quality is with superior process control. Our injection molding tools, debinding furnaces and sintering ovens feature advanced mechanisms to precisely control time, temperature, pressure and material flow. These controls ensure consistent production from one lot to another.

The very nature of MIM manufacturing facilitates multiple inspection steps. Parts are individually inspected after injection molding and following final sintering. Additional, high-resolution optical inspection can be performed on a sample of parts to provide statistical dimensional analysis at 0.5-micron accuracy. This provides a detailed understanding of dimensional tolerances and surface conditions.

ISO 9002
We look forward to completing ISO 9002 certification in
April 2002.


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