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In today's evolving business environment, cost is critical. For small, complex metal parts, MIM can reduce unit cost, improving both profitability and strategic position. This has led firms to adopt MIM as a core technology and competitive advantage.

Molding vs. Machining
High speed CNC machining can look very slow when compared with the mass production speed of MIM. This translates directly to cost for production runs of 10,000 parts and above. At higher production volumes (100,000+ parts per month), MIM may be the only viable alternative. As volumes grow, a transition to MIM is worth exploring.

Material Waste Reduction
Metal injection molding creates a net or near net shape part with virtually no associated waste. Injection runners are recycled on-site to further reduce the cost of both raw material and waste disposal. Additionally, MIM's design freedom allows the creation of voids and rib-reinforced structures – reducing mass, weight and cost.

No Cost Features
MIM gives designers the power to incorporate features such as surface textures and logos at no additional cost. Features are created only once - in tooling.

Combined Components
MIM allows designers to combine multiple components into a single MIM part, improving product design, performance and cost.

MIM Performance Comparison

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